new week, new list / volume 1.

A blog I just started reading, called The Nectar Collective, hosts a link-up each Monday called Weekly Wishes. She shares goals, challenges, and wishes for the coming week, and how she did with the previous week’s plans.

I love this idea! I am so bad at following through on longer-term goals. They always sound so good, but I never know where to start… or how to continue after three weeks. So, a week at a time? I might be able to do. And I can start with a fresh list each week, regardless of whether I missed the mark the week before.

Nothing to review from last week this time, so I’ll just jump in here.

volume 1


1. Clean up the apartment. I am a collector of things. I pile. And I save. I already started looking through my clothes for things I don’t wear any more. I’d like to clean up my living room. And I have big plans to clear out my bathroom shelves for no longer loved toiletries, lotions, and makeups. And we probably shouldn’t discuss my pantry. I went through one shelf last week (of at least six), and almost filled an entire trash bag.

Can I stop at just that one? Ok, ok, I’ll continue. Even though that one very well might take every day.

2. Get ready to take a blog e-course. I want to do a little more thought to where I’d like to take this blog before I jump into a (small) redesign. It was making my head swim last week, but obviously it’s not affecting much for me, so I decided to calm down. If I think I’d rather it look and operate a little differently, I’m going to go for it.

3. Take time to read. I love unwinding in front of the TV, and I don’t plan to stop. But I also started reading The War of Art, and it seems incredible so far. I want to make a better effort to give myself time for a few pages each day.

4. And finally, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I want to sleep! This is always on my list of things to do. But I almost never get there. I miss eight hours. So I need to try once more.

(And how about these capital letters?! I don’t know if they will last. But at least they’re here today.)

enjoying just starting.

i’m just sitting here, clicking away down the rabbit hole that is the internet. don’t you love it?

sometimes i love it. sometimes it’s the end of me. on a typical weeknight, i look up at 9:30 pm wondering where my evening has gone. wasn’t i supposed to make dinner? i could probably use a shower. why are my feet asleep? have i moved at all in the past four hours?

but then sometimes, i leave after all this great stuff people are writing and creating and sharing, feeling so inspired or uplifted or just lucky to get to see all of this in my lifetime.

this isn’t all i’ve done on my good friday off. i’ve been printing photos for some projects, and updating project life. i’ve watched a couple of good movies, and i’ve slept (which is definitely worth noting). and this morning, at 9:15, i dragged myself to a yoga class for the first time in at least eight months.

after the yoga class, i also hung out with my mom for the obligatory easter egg afternoon. this year we cheated and used washi tape for some hilariously simple eggs.



this mindless internet time suck leads me to thinking about time a lot. enjoying my time, fitting it all in, not zoning out and forgetting what i’m doing… there’s a difference between relaxing & enjoying the nothing, and completely not acknowledging that time is passing & not enjoying the nothing. i think realizing it’s happening and that i want to change it is one of the biggest steps.

it also makes me think about getting the things done that i want to, and just diving in to projects and plans that i think i will enjoy. i keep going back to elise’s blog post about this. she said a while ago that she is not an expert in any particular thing, except “making it work.” my favorite idea from that post is to just start. apparently she says it all the time. but it’s my favorite thing about her. though, i probably could not be more different from her in this regard.

and that might be my biggest downfall right now: just not starting. when i’m interested in doing something new, instead of jumping in, i read and research and pour myself into it. except then i struggle with ever turning that into reality for me. and i end up feeling discouraged or exhausted or like it’s just the worst idea ever.

which is silly.

so tonight, instead of thinking about what to do with my blog, and how to work on blogging more… instead of reading my favorite blogs for inspiration, and then feeling frustrated and walking away to get a bowl of ice cream… i decided to put it down on “paper.” right? because that’s what it will take to blog more. to just blog more.

it doesn’t hurt that i found a 6-month old (still good) pumpkin cider in my fridge and am celebrating friday night blogging.


this is earth shattering information, guys.

and i’m feeling like it’s true everywhere today. how should i start to take care of my body again? no, it’s not researching on the internet and watching documentaries and taking notes. it’s changing out of pajamas and getting to yoga class at 9:15 am.

right! done and done.

my cider is empty, and it’s time to go try out the first episode of “girls.”

happy long weekend to us. what are y’all up to??

project life 2014: week 04.


it’s week four of project life 2014!

wow, this was a long time ago. i have, surprisingly, stayed very up to date with my second project life album through this year! i have photos printed through last week, and sticky notes for the journaling i want to include. it feels awesome to stick it out with such a gigantic (and rewarding) project.


week 04: january 20 - january 26.


this week: the majority of my time was prepping for, and driving several hours to, a big work meeting. looking back with this much time passed, it was overall uneventful. i remember the icy, scary car ride. i remember missing e.p. i remember being stressed but not overwhelmed. i remember one very nice hibachi dinner out, and one great black top i picked up at loft. then i remember having a movie date when i got back, which included lousy hot tea, but was absolutely perfect.


nothing, at all, remarkable about this layout. i used one button, and some extra jade filler cards, since i didn’t have much to say. the beauty in this project is definitely just sticking with it. it’s all the small pieces of life that i love having documented. and sometimes, that includes sort of lackluster, work-filled weeks.


there are always a few things i leave unfinished in my layouts for a few weeks, and i like to wait until they feel finished to photograph the spreads. so here i am looking back through week 04 for the blog. i guess the fun in this project is just that: looking back and having this impressive photo journal of my extraordinary ordinary life. (i’m not that much of a sap… but that’s a quote from a recent favorite movie.)

to give you a timeline, i’ve currently got week 13 in the book, waiting for some words.

happy 2014.

- – - – - – -

about project life | project life is a memory-keeping system created by becky higgins. i choose to document life weekly. you can see all the posts from 2013 here and 2014 here, and details about my album here.