my other favorite thing recently (aside from, you know, the important things, like all the awesome time i’ve been spending with my favorite people) is my new espresso maker.

reading blogs costs a lot of money sometimes. i’m always finding out about food or gadgets i never would have otherwise, and ones that i simply have to have. thanks, jenna, for the coffee post that made me swoon.

i started researching pots, and then the dangers of aluminum + food production, and then decided it would be ok and that i had to get a bialetti, as one of the true, old-fashioneditalian brands.

jenna’s how-to post is a really good one. i add my sugar (or splenda) with my soy milk in the mug. so technically, i’m drinking cafe con leche.

tragically, target did not have the espresso i was looking for yesterday. actually, they had no espresso. but i found one at the grocery store last month that was $1.99. i’ll take it.

also, the best deal on amazon was for a 6-cup espresso maker, not a 2. ergo, i have been drinking a lot of espresso. basically, caffeine-wise, 2 shots is about equivalent to 8 oz of coffee. so 3 shots would be how much i used to drink each morning. i’m drinking about 5 “espresso cups” each day now. and it’s absolutely worth it.

i’ve lost the photos i took of delicious cups drank so far. i’m sure there will be plenty of other mornings to share. jenna’s are still more swoon-worthy than mine.  ;-)

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