i found a new favorite peanut butter! this comes after ruining the last container i had. i decided i would like it super thick, and strained off the few tbsp of oil on top of the natural pb i had. it is practically unusable. i think i’ll save it, and mix it with almond milk to make sauces. but as peanut butter, it’s a failure.

i picked up a jar of really fancy natural peanut butter, and then saw the store brand.

it looked pretty good… and it was a bigger jar. win-win. the ingredients sold me. the standard, well-known kid/”moms love” brands had extra sugar and extra oil.

i opened it this morning to stir it up and try it on my oatmeal. i LOVE the consistency. it’s creamy, but it has… kind of, pulverized peanuts throughout. no big chunks. but it feels like peanuts on my tongue. i know i sound crazy. but it really is the best pb consistency i’ve ever met. store brand, i love you. (thanks, fran, for the reminder.)

oats this morning were delightful, as well. i’ve been on an overnight oats, greek yogurt + almond milk, kick recently. but a warm bowl of oatmeal sounded good today.

in the mix:

  • 1/3 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/2 banana (it was pretty small, so i added some stevia)
  • salt & vanilla extract
  • 2 egg whites whipped in near the end of cooking
  • and a tbsp of my new pb


and now i’m off to the hunger games. the movie, not the games.

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5 thoughts on “smack

  1. I’ve never tried that version of SR PB. Sounds wonderful. I’ve been trying not to buy PB because I keep eating it with a spoon! I can’t help it! But when I feel stronger, I will buy this from Your recommendation! Can’t wait to hear about the movie!!! Jealous!!

    • it is a problem about having peanut butter on the house… hopefully I just keep using it to top things and keep my fingers out of the jar.

      the movie was good. nothing is ever as good as books I love. but it was good. if you don’t con someone else to go with you like I did to EP, I’d be happy to go see it with you!

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