[05.11.2012] friday favorites

this was going to be a thursday things post a la averie, but I did not get around to finishing it. so it will be a friday favorites post a la janae. let’s jump in, no?

1.) my orange-flavored lip gloss from bath and body works. I go through stages of needing one specific lip balm or lip gloss, and then forget I have it and move on to another. I just discovered this one in my basket again last week.


2.) my new beach bag. I wanted something to fit my secret camera bag insert. and I randomly found the perfect beach bag for the trip. it’s made my baggu, but I found it at the gap.


3.) cappuccinos!!! I didn’t know the hotel restaurant made them until this morning. I will be taking advantage again tomorrow.


4.) my most worn-in black flip flops from old navy. they’ve completely conformed themselves to my feet. I even bought a second pair when these started to wear out, but they weren’t the same. it’s like when my mom bought me a replacement cabbage patch doll when I decided my newborn needed hair, and created it in one perfect line of blue marker above her left ear. the new one simply wasn’t my amy.


5.) piña coladas. and perfect mexico beach days.



6.) and finally, my first ever massage!!! EP’s, too. it was awesome. I may have to consider a routine of them like lynn.



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7 thoughts on “[05.11.2012] friday favorites

    • yes! I think I should do many more lists. I enjoy them way too much. and we should definitely catch up next week. :-) as soon as I… recover. I’m starting to feel not so hot. still having a great time, though.

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