july fourth bbq

thursday was a barbecue much like all the barbecues we had last year. perfect in its simplicity. i always feel silly sharing the photos, because they all look a little bit interchangeable. but every day with my family, laughing + relaxing in the sunshine, is just the best day ever.

thursday was another perfect family barbecue.


except when my brother stepped on some sort of bug and hobbled around for a few hours.


but he took benadryl. and he’s not one to complain.

my parents get very specific thoughts on what to do for each special party. last year on the fourth of july, we had barbecued ribs and corn on the cob. so this year, we had it again. (my dad’s birthday party on july 20 was our crab feast. so that’s what we’ll have in 2 weeks. ;) )


complete with blueberry mojitos for me and e.p. i followed jenna’s recipe, just like i did last summer. except i blended the blueberry simple syrup with my immersion blender and then strained it twice. nothing to chew on this time, and just as delicious.


“cold dip” is probably my favorite food. (can it be a 27-way tie?) my sister-in-law makes it. i can’t find an exact recipe online. which is probably for the best, because it probably doesn’t need to be here on the blog in all it’s creamy glory. however, i just discovered i wrote about it in last year’s fourth of july post. oh man.

i was so overcome with my feast that i took zero photos until i was done.

e.p. played with the kids in the pool, per usual. always adorable.


and then there was some people-stacking… no chicken fights, but a lot of tossing about.

my brother couldn’t get our nephew onto his shoulders.


and “pouted” when his dad could.


it was a great day. we haven’t all been together in a long time.

this was my favorite shot of the day.


and then this eventually happened.


happy july fourth to everyone! i got to enjoy two fridays last week, and an interrupted long weekend. now it’s sunday night, and i think the cold i’ve been fighting finally showed up for good. :( time to go have a snack and get to bed.

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