verb // any word that expresses action, state, or a relation between two things.

vignette // a process in photography by which there is a loss in clarity towards the corners of an image. short, impressionistic scenes that focus on one moment or give a particular insight into a character, idea, or setting.

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thank you for visiting! i’m kristen, the blogger behind verbs + vignettes.

this is a space where i share my interests. they change all the time, but posts often include daily life, photographs, food, tech interests, and travels.

i’ve been blogging since august 2010.

i love food. i was a vegetarian for almost five years, starting in april 2009. now i’m redefining what i eat. i hate when people say they “don’t like to label,” but i’m not sure what my menu label would be right now. i love soy milk in my coffee and buffalo chicken on my salad.

i love yoga, though i don’t go as often as i’d like. i am jonesing to get back to healthier living.

i love films, from great to just awful. the same goes for books (i think y.a. fiction is the best). i’m clumsy. i’m a romantic. i work in communications. i’m a gemini.

i’ve been dating my favorite person since may 2011. i like to take pictures. i like sunshine. and coffee. and wine.

contact //
instagram (often), and twitter (not so much).

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  1. love love love that you started this with the definitions of verb + vignette. people don’t often seem to realize the ability of definitions to add nuance and depth :)

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